The interesting thing about history it has its way of repeating itself. As we grow up we realize that the people we once knew that we were really close with you tend to grow apart.

Today was an awkward day, today the woman who betrayed me and allowed three men to take away my RIGHT to consent I saw today. This woman is the woman that set me up to be taken advantage of, this woman full of hate and anger allowed me her friend or at least I thought I was her friend to be set-up and took away my choice.

As I walked in this store today I saw this figure in the check-out and as she turned to look toward the back of the store our eyes locked. She stared at me with shock, hurt, anger, pain, worry it seemed as if every emotion went across her face. Not only did she look at me she tried to get a sense of what I would do to her.
She couldn’t take her eyes off of me. I think apart of her felt like I was going to come over the counter and whup her assh another part of her wanted to assess my energy.
This woman that I have carried allllll this hate and anger for today I saw her through a different lens.
I walked up to her and I said I forgive you and I wish you all the best. She looked at me like she wanted to die and I walked out of the store.

As much as I would love to hate this woman for what she did to me my heart will no longer allow me to hate her.

My heart has no more room for hate.

I have struggled to become a better person for my children and seeing this woman after all this time really confirmed to me that all this work and I have done me and God that is has really worked.

A woman and 3 men that changed my life and not really for the best taught me about real life and the real dangers out there.

The moral of this story for today is no matter what life has taken you through you still have room to grow and work on yourself.
No matter what people have done too you God always gets the last laugh.

I am better than who I was yesterday and and certainly who I was then. I am not perfect but I know that what happened to me I didnt deserve. No one deserves to have their choices taken from them.
Life is certainly on the right track now

1 thought on “Awkward”

  1. Very powerful! I have a high amount of respect for anyone who can forgive. Not giving into being a prisoner of anger and sadness but instead finding the strength to let go and be better than those who have betrayed you so terribly. Forgiveness is true strength!

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