Thank you

I can honestly say that I don’t thank God enough that I don’t give him enough credit for the things that he really really brings me through.

I know it sounds cliche and some don’t even believe in God but that is your prerogative I don’t judge you.

For myself though I have got to give God the highest praise to be even typing this right now.
Almost losing my life and like literally almost losing my life really has me giving God and my doctors the ultimate thanks.

I went through this situation by myself no one there holding my hand no one there telling me they love me and don’t get me wrong I have people that do love me but in this particular instance I had nobody.
I was by myself. The person who was supposed to be there with me or at least I wanted them to be there with me stood me up and things took a turn for the worst and I almost lost my life.
I am not sure things would have been different whether that person would have been there or not I would like to feel that it would have been but I wouldn’t have been alone.

The moral of this story is I used to take things for grant-it and at certain times I probably will but today being here being alive being able to see my children grow up is a blessing. No matter who is in my corner, who is in my life I thank God that I have my life and I have my beautiful children.

I may not be perfect by far but I know I try to do my best to do right by people. Or at least treat people the way I want to be treated.

I am sooooo grateful for my life.

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