Dating Again

So being in a relationship for so long to becoming single when is the right time to start over and get back out there.

My oldest daughter and I had a very deep detailed conversation, and she told me that she thinks I should start dating.
The conversation was so deep that I had to think to myself how old is she lol. My baby is 8 years old and she expressed that she felt like it was time for me to get back out there and date.

She said she didn’t like me sitting in the house all the time. She expressed she missed her mommy that would go out with her friends and go and have fun from time to time.

This conversation made me feel great that she recognizes that her mom is a great woman and that I deserve someone who is going to love and treat me the way I deserve to be treated.

Her conversation brought me so much peace and allowed me to start really thinking about getting back out there and dating.
I have been sitting back for awhile since being in a very long-term relationship and not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings when I decide it is time to move forward, but now what is holding me back? In my eyes nothing. I am single and I can not be afraid to start opening my heart back up to someone who will SHOW me appreciation not just tell me.

This will be an interesting journey to get back out there but now that I have my daughters approval I am ready to start over

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