Nosey Co-Workers

Are your co-workers nosey??

We work for two different people but she seems to ALWAYSSS want to be in my boss’s business.
Asking where he is at a certain time, wanting to know his every move at all times.

Today I walk in from lunch and I sit at my desk to enjoy my lunch and the phone rings and I look at the clock and ignore the phone. I am still on my lunch for 30 more minutes

Here comes this Nosey Heffa, staring at me and says “usually if you are sitting at your desk you can answer the phone” I said “I am on my lunch I will answer the phone after my lunch is over” She say, “well some clients will get upset that the calls are going unanswered” I said “Well that is why there is a voicemail to be utilized by the clients when I am on my lunch” She stares at me a little longer and walks away.

As my lunch comes to an end she then looks at me and says, “I noticed you have been a little distant in your work lately is everything ok. The lady next door her work has been slipping lately to, You young people need to separate your personal lives from your work lives.” I looked at her and smiled and I said “You sure are nosey as hell, I am doing quite well thank you for asking but stay out of everybody business in the office, do your job and stop worrying about our work that has nothing to do with you” She looked at me in shock by my reaction and said “Your right what-the-fuck-ever”

Now before I could even respond to her little comment the phone rang. I had to realize I am back to work

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