My Day in a nutshell

People underestimate how much single moms actually have to do.

Every morning my children are up at 5am they have to take their baths to get ready for school. In my house they usually have to take baths at night and in the morning, I am sooooooooo allergic to funky little girls LOL. So about 6:15 is breakfast time usually my youngest daughter is the one that gives the most problems lol she always wants cereal but then she gets it and doesn’t want to eat it. My oldest daughter likes to take her time getting dressed she is very slowwwwwwwwwww it takes her the longest to get dressed, put her shoes on, you name it and add 10 minutes to the time and that is her. Once we actually get done with all of that most of the time I allow my 8 year old to make lunches if the babysitter hasn’t done it the night before.

About 7 we are making sure everything is ready to be loaded in the car because we have to be out the house by 7:15am or earlier that way they can make it to school on time and I can make it to work on time. Some days we have Starbucks day that makes my youngest daughter very happy on most days only if we get out the house on time.

I have to be at work by 8:30 and I am at work until 5, they are in school all day until after 5. Once I get off work on a typical Monday I pick them up we head home. I am home for about 20 minutes before I myself have to get ready for school. In those 20 minutes I have I check homework and sign folders and make sure they eat dinner, I  give the baby sitter instructions and then I head out for school. I am at school from 6:50-10 M/W/Th every week so by the time I get home my oldest is sound asleep my youngest will not sleep if I am not home so she stays up and waits for me.

When I walk in the house she is usually on the steps or in my bed in my room LOL. As soon as I walk in EVERY WEEK she asked me the same three questions:
1. How was school mommy?
2. Mommy when can I see Dj?
3. Mommy did you know I had to wait for you before I went to sleep?
I always smile and answer her questions and then give her a big hug. As soon as I get ready for bed she is sound asleep.

When she falls asleep I take that time to pray and balance out our bills and our schedule for the rest of the week. All the while making sure I put in our calendar time to spend with together.
As we gear up for mother’s day and we head down to San Diego to Celebrate I find it so refreshing to just unplug from the world and really spend time with them. It helps me to release my mind from all the things that I have going on and just to enjoy them while they are still young and they allow me to do that.
Being a single mother is a tough job and I have found that now that I am single and have gotten our groove down the sky is the limit for what we can create together as our little family of 3.

2 thoughts on “My Day in a nutshell”

  1. Ahhhhh this is a good post for anyone to understand or get a peek of what being a single mother is like. It is even better to know that mothers out there like myself can relate. My daughter is NOT A MORNING PERSON, she is like a sloth when getting ready for school and at 6 years old she has a long way to

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    1. LOL. Yes Ky is very very slow and I move pretty fast when I wan to so I am constantly on her. But you can see I barely have time to spend with them during the week.


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