God Dropped a Bomb On Me

I went into something with fresh eyes and a fresh heart. I allowed the past to be the past and I expected you to do. I assumed things would be different.

last night as I sat in class I received a text from a random number with a link to something. I clicked on the link without even thinking and it led me to a baby registry which then when I registered both names on the registry began to shake my world.

I texted the number back and asked who was it they didn’t want to tell me they simply text back and said call me please it is an emergency.

So I walked out of class to call not expecting my world as I once new it to come crashing down. I called this person a woman answered and proceeded to ask me questions to no avail I didn’t really answer. SO I started asking her questions 1. who are you? 2. How did you get this number? 3. What business do her and I have together 4. Why did you send me that link?

She proceeds to ask me if I know a certain person and I tell her yes I do why and she asks me if I knew this person recently became a father. At this point I am in disbelief and I simply say no way. I proceed to text the person in question and ask this person to call me immediately so I can merge the calls and figure out what is going on. Before that could happen I get another link sent this time of photos of the 3 individuals in question and this is when I realize this is not a dream this is a reality.

This person had started a whole new life no warning no nothing and didn’t miss a beat. Deep down a woman always can sense when something is not right.

So finally the person calls and through all the tears and hurt I simply ask two questions do you know this person? Did you have a child?  The response “what” I am in bad laying down with a headache I am not dealing with this right now” “Who told you that” the conversation ends I go back to class simply pack up my things and head to my car.

The person calls again this time a little more alert but still avoiding all answers to the questions, I hear a faint cry in the background and I am left with ”  I will fix it I will call you back I will call you back bye”

Several text sent and all I get back is a “we will talk tomorrow” throughout the night I am getting photos,  two baby registry links, facebook photos, this person spared no expense to let me know.

All I can do all night is toss and turn no sleep. Crying all night wondering how someone you have sooooo much history with so much love, so much hate, so much struggle and this is what I am left with, not even from the horses mouth itself.

I dont know who this person is that decided to let me know all I know is that my world got turned upside down.

After a certain point in your life with age you would think maturity and truth grows with people but I guess that is just an old wives tale.

The moral of the story is sometimes when you sit back and listen you hear so much louder. I did not go searching it came to me. God tends to do that. A women’s intuition is NEVER wrong. Don’t go searching God always reveals the truth.


15 thoughts on “God Dropped a Bomb On Me”

  1. Wondering if that was really God…,or a possible distraction to test you..somethings to think about…will You be drawn into someone else’s dilemma? What should your outcome be? Your decision….!!!!

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      1. I am actually doing very well. There was something that God showed me before all of this took place that mentally prepared me before hand although I just realized it but God showed me what I need to be focusing on and all I can do is follow

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      2. That is great. I’m glad you are seeing God’s plan unfold. We can’t see signs or what’s up ahead all the time until the time has past, and then, we reflect. Great learning experience.

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    1. Yea the fact that humans can be so cruel and they dont realize that in trying to protect your feelings they are actually hurting you more and allowing other people to control the motion and flow of information.


  2. True. Consider it a blessing that you’ve been informed. He didn’t deserve you. I had a friend post on Facebook that some of ya’ll ignoring the prince knocking at the door because you’re entertaining the joker in your bed. It was so true. We have to know that God will tell you when he has sent you a man. He will be honorable and not a liar.

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    1. Completely agree with this. 9 1/2 years down the drain but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and surprisingly I am doing just fine. Life has a way of showing you things before they happen and mentally preparing you for the worst

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