When you love

When you love someone are you willing to sacrifice yourself for them.

Your soul, your moral fiber, are you willing to put their needs over yours.

how do you know if the person you love loves you back.

I gave up something I really wanted for someone that I love and I won’t say that I regret it but I will say that I would never do it again.

In life every decision that I make I try to take into account the others around me

My children especially their life is most important.

This big decision that I made took a piece of my heart with it and it simply gave me more wisdom in life than I have ever had.

It opened my eyes to something I have never seen… It gave me life and made me begin to reclaim my old life.

This decision that I made affects my every move.

It talks to me in my sleep, it tells me to that it is ok and it’s not mad at me.

This decision was very hard for me but it made me stronger and showed me something I haven’t seen in myself in a long time.

Now my life is back on track. I am back loving me myself and I.

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