A Mother

A woman’s body is a sacred place
Some of the things a woman can do with her body makes a woman very very special.

A woman has the privilege to create life
She has the ability to carry a child.

The love that a woman gets from her child can not be matched.
The love a child has for their mother is unconditional it can not be faked it can not be fudged it is the realist thing in this life.

A woman creates a person.

Now grant-it she cant do it alone but let’s think

If a father doesn’t want to be involved he has the option to leave
Now don’t get me wrong the mother does as well but its frowned upon when a mother leaves her child

It is seen as a vast double standard.
It is easy to call a father a dead beat but not a mother.

Mothers can be deadbeats as well.

How can a mother get pregnant and then allow the people around her to judge her to where she feels like she needs to have an abortion, from family, to friends, even her partner.
How can two people create something so precious as a life that they can discard it like yesterday’s trash.

It hurts because I understand some of the circumstances, no finances to support the baby, not in a relationship with the father, not married, family religious beliefs but when does all of that stop mattering and the woman makes her own decision for her own body and her own right.

Is it right?
Women raise kids by themselves every single day without fail trust I am one of them at times it is hard very very hard but I have learned that not everyone should have control over what you do with your body.

1 thought on “A Mother”

  1. Yes life is something women brith, nurish, and love. Our children are our world and sometimes situations happen, and we make decisions that we feel are best. The choice is never ever an easy one but a woman and the man should make a collective decision together along with support because it takes two to tango. It’s only right to have the man to support the woman and to let one loss be the last.


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