Sometimes I wonder why I give people the benefit of the doubt but even doubtedly a second chance.

Is it because I know the struggle they face?

Is it because I have been in their position?

I really can’t understand why my heart won’t let me return to my natural order of things when I didn’t care so much.

I hate this feeling of constantly giving giving giving only to be left with nothing in return.

But yet this is where I put all my ducks, in this one basket. This basket that disappoints me at every turn.

All I can see is disappointment

2 thoughts on “Disappointed”

  1. Maybe your focus ought to be in giving not just to receive but giving to pay it forward – as you bless others as you do for others as you make time for others than not the same people but – other folks will make time for you and everyone else — it is much better and greater than doing what you have to do rather than what you want to do!!


    1. Lol that’s not exactly what I meant by that comment. I was referring to internal feelings. More than material things. Giving emotionally and receiving nothing in return


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