The Drug

I was addicted to you like a man on that gold

You were my drug of choice
The choice that was so bold

I smoke you like a reef
Drink you like a 40

Stick you up my arm to get that feeling I never had before
You were a drug like no other
I crave you
Like a crack-head craving that next hit
Like an alcoholic stealing money from their children to get their next drink

Why do I crave such a drug
You made me feel like no one else has ever had
You taught me things I could never understand

But yet

you failed me
you used me
you abused me

Just like a drug
Uses and abuses does it’s job for that moment and then disappears

You were my drug
Now you are my afterthought

I hate what you have done to me
I hate the way you treated me
I hate this drug I used to call my own my love
I hate that I let you in
I hate that you were my drug of choice.

Like a woman strung out loses out on time
That’s what I did to you
I craved you so long I missed out on my life.

I Hate you.

3 thoughts on “The Drug”

  1. Man I feel this poem I can’t say I relate exactly, but as women who has been hart broken I can feel the pain spill out of this poem. It is deep with a meaning and with hurt the next step is to heal.


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