I used to feel protected whenever you were around
but all of that changed when you took away my smile
I used to feel that our love was unconditional
Now this stranger that stands in my face is no one I could possibly love

I used to love you unconditionally
Now I look at you but I certainly pity me

I used to want to save you from all hurt harm and danger
Now life without you seems more promising than life with you.

I wanted you to protect me but I see now our love was a lie.
This lie I have been living has always been you by my side.

I put you before myself but you couldn’t do the same
You never loved me you were just a good kiss and tell

You told me you love me but I see now that wasn’t true
I told you I love you it was over due.

You couldn’t protect my heart instead you broke it
All the lies, the secrets, and bullshit was just too much

Why couldn’t you just love me
All I can do is shake my head
In my heart I know you didn’t love me you probably never did
In my heart I knew you would hurt me.

Everyday is a struggle to rid you from my system
You were my drug and that addiction is mental.

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