The opinion that does’t matter

Opinions don’t pay bills but everyone has them
Opinions don’t write checks
Opinions don’t support your children
Opinions don’t help you in any way shape or form unless you ask for someone’s opinion, and even then people will do what they want to do.

So my reason for this post.

A little while back I had a friend that always had an opinion about my life but really failed to live her own life and I am pretty sure we all have someone like that in our life. They spend sooooooooo much time giving you their opinion that they in turn forget to live their own life.

I spent so many years afraid of what others thought about me, what they felt about me, how they felt about me.

I let there opinions control how I made everyday decisions, until one day I woke up and said “What am I doing? These people have NEVER paid a bill or helped me with anything that I need” On that day I realized SCREW OPINIONS. I have to live my life for me and the way I want to live.

From that day forward I started living my own life the way I wanted to live it doing things I wanted to do without anyone’s input.

So with all of that being said I know people who allow people and opinions to control their every walk of life and I have to tell you. you need to live life for you SCREW the opinions. My check comes from a company not the companies opinion of me. Their opinion of me got me the job but once I got in, the company signs the check NOT them.
Everyone is not going to like you and you have to learn to deal with that. But we as people cannot keep allowing what people think of us to control our lives

6 Rules I live by
1. Opinions don’t pay bills
2. Opinions don’t write checks
3. Every 1st of the month the same bills are due if you are not helping me with them SHUT THE FUDGE UP
4. I only get one life how can I make it better and worth living
5. Families are scandalous as well
6. My children are the only opinions I care about because I birthed them and my present is a reflection of their future.

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