Hate the Hurt

I hate to see the people I love hurting.
It hurts me to see them hurting.
To go through the pain with them hurts even more.
To loose things that you work so hard for

I hate to see the people I love hide their pain behind lies
I hate the pain that lies within their eyes starving for the truth to come out but stuck in the face.. or rather the save face stage.

I hate when the people you love don’t trust the love you are trying to give them. They plague your love with the past skipping the present.
I hate the past actions that seemingly affects the presence future time.
The past that haunts the man/woman who continue to run and hide from their reality is the reason the past never stops winning.

I hate that the past won’t leave you alone that YOUR past controls your Present and affects our future.
I hate the hurt that lies within that eats at your soul while you sleep
I hate the pain for you
I breathe the pain through you hoping that a positive touch will bring a positive reaction.
I hate your explosions of time and energy
I hate that your trust is with no one not even yourself.
I hate that you hate yourself

It pains me to see your hurt and to watch as you slowly slip away.
As your mind continues to drift into this life you swore you wouldn’t go back to
I hate the Real Lies in your eyes, The Hurt that you have.
Seems like all I can do is love you and help you see your love within.

1 thought on “Hate the Hurt”

  1. People tend to hide the truth way to much even when loved ones can clearly see the hurt and we know they need someone on their side to get help. They would rather sit in their own misery and struggle. Not knowing that people they love will do anything to help them get through whatever trouble they may be in.

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