Our Love/ Her Love

When I met you our love was different
A Country boy that respected women
You put your Woman’s needs before your own and that made me weak when we were alone.
What happened was you loved your mom more
Our love became an amazing afterthought to her and her firstborn.

We created a family that she didn’t want so you left your firstborn to give her back her first born.

Was it fair maybe not
Thats your mom
Momma always knows best.. That’s the saying
How true it is I will let you find out

You gave up your life to be by her side but what about your family
Your children
Your life

That matters not when competing with mom
All that matters is her matter
Not yours anymore
Your child doesnt blame you
Just doesnt understand you

When you make your own family does that mean include her not exclude us for her benefit.

When I fist met you our love was real and like no other
Until you gave it up for the love of your mother.

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