The Generational Curse

The reality of our lives is we all come from someone.
At times the way they are raised they try to do it a different way for their children.
But the unfortunate thing for the newer generation are the generational curses that come along with our families.
It’s something that is rarely spoke about but is very prevalent in everyone’s lives.
Generational curse are passed down through generations.
At times they skip generations but remain through families unless the curse can be broken.
Some don’t believe in the curse but look back through your family lives and you might see some similarities between generations.
In my own family Generational Curses have been broken but they still exist. How can they be broken altogether one will never know. It’s good to understand the history of your family that way when you have children and your children have children you have a road map for what held your family back whether good or bad.

4 thoughts on “The Generational Curse”

  1. I agree with your statement about generational curses and the fact that they continue unless it is met head on with the changing of that curse. Many times we acknowledge it but we don’t do anything about it . It was just the fact that we acknowledge but if the truth but told we need to face what caused it in the first place and change ourselves so that we don’t repeat the same things that happened in our families that was dysfunctional initially…forgive ourselves and forgive the persons for what they allowed themselves to be healed then they (we) can change what our reaction was then for the better response for our children’s sake and betterment.

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