Back to 32nd where life was easy
I see you… You see me that was our secret
Before the music of life really took its toll
Before you put a ring on her to save your soul
Before I committed to him to get over you
Before we used Carty-Boo to soothe our own true

Now those days are long behind us.

The true form of love is more than you could bare
Longing for those days when work was an afterthought, swimming at 7am, and oh those summer days.

Your true form of love creates such a wear and tear
You had life all figured out then in an instant
The life that we knew changed to become something different.

No more swimming at 7am, or consistency in your life
Hoping for a miracle became your insight.
Dealing with things that you have never felt before has turned you into your own worst enemy.

This demon you face from day to day
Only makes you hate what you cant contain.

This is what your life has become secrets on secrets no longer just one.
You closed the door on the one who really loved you
Because you cant fight yourself to love someone back.

You have created your own worst enemy.

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