Student Loans vs. Gangs… Do you see a difference

So I was sitting at work doing some simple research about student loans and I found that gangs and student loans have a lot of similarites.

Now don’t get me wrong Gangs have different dynamics to them and I know people lose there life due to gang violence.

What I am saying is Student loans are similar in a lot of ways so let’s think about it.
To get a student loan you have to apply for it. You fight to get it if you don’t qualify you have to shop around to find one that fits you and your needs.
When you don’t pay once you get out of school they come after everything you own they ruin your credit they stop you from being able to do anything.
Then even after death they go after your family to get back what was borrowed.

Now some may say oh Gangs are not like that really. Well think about it you fight to get in and you fight to get out. All the while putting your family at risk for the choices you make.
Yes student loans are a different entity but only difference in MY eyes between gangs and Student loan creditors the separation between the two is the law. The law allows creditors to ruin your life legally. So tell me what you think.

6 thoughts on “Student Loans vs. Gangs… Do you see a difference”

  1. What an interesting parallel that you have drawn! Never thought of it this way, but you make excellent arguments. Student loans are one of the heavies things that can weigh on you financially. It’s really a shame that getting an education costs as much as it does these days. Hard to get a good job without an education, but even harder to come up with the money to pay for that education. Reform is needed. Creditors should not be like gangs.


  2. Oh my goodness yes it is a true pain in the ass to have student loans follow you and ruin your life because you are trying to make a better one. It is a stress that so many people go through and it is mind blowing to me how long unpaid loans will stick around even after you die. Me myself I hate loans for that exact reason its a debt that is always on your conscience till or if it is able to be paid back.


  3. In a manner of speaking I agree with your premise that gangs and student loans have very similar characteristics. One of the differences that I found is that the person who gets into a gang does not seem to have any type of a plan, they just do what other people expect them to do but in the school loan you make a choice as to what you’re going to do and whether or not it’s going to be beneficial for you minus the detriment to ones family. Thanks for the blog. It makes a person think for themselves.


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