Financial Planning

Have you planned for the future? Have you saved for a rainy day? Do you have life Ins? Whether young or old have you planned for your future? Or Have you just gotten comfortable with where you are in life?

What is your motivation for this week? What is your motivation for life?

All questions that most people neglect to ask themselves. Financial planning and goal setting are the least of people’s worries until someone in their family has an unfortunate incident and it’s up to the family to send them off in proper fashion.

Do you think it is selfish for someone to not plan for their future and leave the responsibility to the loved ones to make decisions once that time comes?

3 thoughts on “Financial Planning”

  1. Living through this right now…thankfully I’m lucky that my grandma did good end-of life planning. Making it incredibly easy for us. Wise words, my friend.


  2. I have found that, for my life most of the things that you addressed above are not normally carried out by regular family members. I decided, as my parents did, to make sure that my end results are planned for and taken care of without having to depend on family members. One of the things that I’ve done is actually purchased and paid for my life end being taken care of and I’m in the process now of saving the money for things that I’m going to need for that emergency for myself first and others secondly.


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