Real Eyes

Sometimes we have to realize that real Eyes can tell the Real Lies

Realize that life should not be based on the real Lies of false reality, but based on what real Eyes see.

Real Eyes realize that real life is lived felt touched. It can’t be faked it can be fudged.

Real Lies are imagined, mimicked, fabricated but the real lie is w/n your real Eyes.

Always realize that the real Lies are told with real Eyes

2 thoughts on “Real Eyes”

  1. That makes a lot of sense because we all live life through our own eyes. Based on what the individual goes through in different experiences with our children especially. I do believe that sometimes the plan we try to uphold in life does not happen the way we want at all, and God laughs because we are not perfect. We as single mothers may try to be perfect and for get that we don’t have to be.


  2. You definitely have a sense of poetry and know how to use it properly. Real Eyes can tell a story, and memories that can be shared with one another.


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