Have your ever

Ok So tell me Have you ever looked at your kids and just wondered where they come from? LOL I have two daughters 1 is 3 and the other is 7 so let me tell you, My 3 year old is a character this little girl will tell you a thing or two.

The crazy part is she is sooooooooo beautiful that she looks cute while she is telling you off. This morning she was upset with me so she decided to tell me she was going to “Pop my butt” because her sister got in trouble. She is sooooo protective over her big sister that my oldest daughter doesnt have to say anything she just has to go and tell her little sister.

Now my oldest daughter she is my quiet child. She is very sweet but Baby she is very sneaky. Its ok I was sneaky to or at least I thought I was. My mom didnt miss a beat and I find myself being more and more like my mom. I suspect EVERYTHINGGGGGGGG. Nothing passes my nose.

My daughters are very beautiful very smart young ladies. They have a great head on their shoulders and I really am blessed to have them.

They dont fool me with there cute faces NOPEEEEEEE NOT AT ALL.

I said all of this to say. Being a mom is not easy but its about how you make it. There will be hard times but the best thing to do is make sure you are teaching your children to be better than you. My mom and grandmother taught me to be better than them and that is what I strive to do.

4 thoughts on “Have your ever”

  1. I can see you in both your girls! I know where they come from: their brave, beautiful, smart, God-fearing mom! These little apples didn’t fall too far from the tree.


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